Fox 32 SC Factory

Front suspension
Weight: 1400 g (29″ wheels)


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The Fox 32 SC Factory suspension fork is the flagship model in Fox's 32mm stanchion fork lineup. It is designed for lightweight XC racing and marathon riding, and it offers excellent performance and reliability.

The Fox 32 SC Factory features a lightweight and stiff carbon fiber steerer tube, as well as a durable aluminum chassis. It is also equipped with Fox's FIT4 damper, which provides a wide range of adjustment options for fine-tuning the fork's performance to your specific needs.

The Fox 32 SC Factory is available in two travel options: 80mm and 100mm. It is also available with a variety of offset options to suit different frame and wheel combinations.

Fox's suspension fork hierarchy is as follows:

  • Factory Series: The Factory Series is Fox's top-of-the-line fork lineup. It features the lightest and stiffest materials, as well as the most advanced damping technology.
  • Performance Series Elite: The Performance Series Elite is Fox's second-tier fork lineup. It features many of the same features as the Factory Series, but it uses slightly heavier materials and a less advanced damping system.
  • Performance Series: The Performance Series is Fox's entry-level fork lineup. It offers good performance and value, but it is not as lightweight or stiff as the Factory Series or Performance Series Elite forks.

The Fox 32 SC Factory suspension fork is a great choice for riders who are looking for a lightweight and high-performance fork for XC racing or marathon riding. It offers excellent performance and reliability, and it is backed by Fox's industry-leading warranty.

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