Zipp is an American company that is best known for designing, manufacturing, and marketing carbon-composite bicycle wheels for road cycling, triathlons, track cycling, and mountain biking. Zipp also offers a number of other components, including handlebars, stems, and seatposts.
Zipp was founded in 1988 by Leigh Sargent, an engineer who had previously worked for the aerospace industry. Sargent’s goal was to create a bicycle wheel that would be both faster and more aerodynamic than the aluminum wheels that were then standard. He used his knowledge of aerodynamics to design a wheel with a deep-section rim, which would help to reduce wind resistance. He also used carbon fiber, a lightweight and strong material, to make the wheel.
Zipp quickly became a leader in the bicycle wheel industry. The company’s wheels were used by professional cyclists to win many races, including the Tour de France and the World Championships. Zipp’s wheels were also popular among recreational cyclists, who were willing to pay a premium for the wheels’ performance and durability.
In 1999, Zipp was acquired by SRAM, a large manufacturer of bicycle components. SRAM has continued to invest in Zipp, and the company continues to be a leader in innovation. Zipp’s wheels are now made with even more advanced materials and technologies, and they are even faster and more aerodynamic than ever before.

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